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America's Newest Residence Halls are Ready for You

Transformation. It's happening everywhere at the University of Kentucky.

Nowhere, though is that transformation more apparent than in the way students live on campus. UK is currently undertaking the largest and most innovative transformation of student residence halls in the country. The facilities are designed and built to foster community among both students and faculty. Living Learning Programs allow for social and intellectual development as students and faculty interact in immersive, discipline-oriented environments.

As a freshman, you can choose from more than 20 housing options, each offering unique benefits, dining and entertainment experiences. They all make up one great community.


• Convenient location to classes

• Foster close-knit community

• Meet classmates and form friendships

• Meet people from diverse backgrounds and explore interests

• Easy access to all the opportunities and services available to students on campus

• Research shows that students who live on campus have higher GPAs, etc.

• Close to downtown where you’ll discover all Lexington has to offer through arts and cultural events

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